Home The CentreEvents COVID-19 and Health: Is flattening the curve costing lives?

Humanitarians are observing with alarm as governments and major donors re-direct significant funds to combat the COVID-19 crisis, leaving many essential health programs unfunded. 

Join us as we examine the impact on communities with already fragile health systems, to find out how this funding shift is affecting health programs that mitigate health challenges such as HIV-AIDS, malaria, measles, tuberculosis and essential maternal and child health services.

With a  focus on knowledge, action, leadership and transformational change the panel will examine key challenges for future public health programs,  and consider leadership requirements and  collaborative approaches to lessen the impact.

This is the second online forum of the  No Safe Space:  Crisis response in COVID-19  four-part series co-presented by the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership,  Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and  Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG).

Watch the full recording ‘COVID-19 and Localisation: Shifting the power, or shifting the risk?’, held on 21 May 2020.


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