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Our flagship event, the biennial Humanitarian Leadership Conference, attracts leading thinkers in the humanitarian, academic and policymaking space.

The Centre is in the early planning stages for the 2023 Humanitarian Leadership Conference. Keep checking this page for updates.

2021 Humanitarian Leadership Conference: Who are the Humanitarians?

The 2021 Humanitarian Leadership Conference was part of the global transition from rhetoric to action. More than 1000 delegates from across 80 different countries came together to determine where change is needed and what a reshaping of the humanitarian ecosystem might looks like, from the actors involved and ways of working to the very definition of what constitutes a humanitarian crisis.

#2021HLC Overview

2019 Asia Pacific Humanitarian Leadership Conference

The 2019 Asia Pacific Humanitarian Leadership Conference brought together leading humanitarian practitioners, academics, researchers and stakeholders from government, NGOs and the private sector from around the world for three days of plenary sessions, panels, presentations and networking in Melbourne. Participants critically reflected on the challenges facing good leadership in the humanitarian space and the future of humanitarian action in the Asia Pacific and fragile states.

#2019HLC Overview