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Center for Humanitarian Leadership

Combining evidence and practice for better humanitarian action

Creating a humanitarian system that elevates local actors, centres the agency of affected communities, respects diverse perspectives and furthers social justice.

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Centre for Humanitarian Leadership
Centre for Humanitarian Leadership

The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership is transforming humanitarian leaders and influencing how humanitarian organisations, and the system, respond to the increasingly complex humanitarian environment.

We are of a team of experienced humanitarian leaders and academics committed to transforming the way humanitarian aid is delivered.

We saw significant opportunity to genuinely re-think how we can transform the humanitarian system by redefining who leads, and how.”

Associate Professor Mary Ana McGlasson Director


We educate leaders to create more effective impact around the world.

The Centre offers accredited courses designed by working humanitarians that reflect the reality of crisis response efforts around the world, mixed with the solid, proven structure of Deakin University’s course delivery and assessment.

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Our courses

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Our graduates are transforming their teams, organisations, and the way humanitarian aid is delivered in 82 countries around the world.

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We engage in collaborative research that informs, impacts, and influences real-world leadership in humanitarian contexts.

Our research agenda looks beyond the academic to how communities, organisations and individuals are meeting the challenge of leadership in the humanitarian system and a changing world.

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Our Research

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The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership has an active and engaged global humanitarian network.

We specialise in convening groups of humanitarian actors with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, and create space 
for the challenging but necessary conversations 
about how to transform the humanitarian system.

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The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership proudly collaborates with the following organisations:

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