Contextual Analysis & Foresight

Factors impacting specific humanitarian crises, as well as future-focused foresight work. Contextual analysis work seeks to unpack the rich dilemmas, opportunities, and histories of humanitarian situations around the world, including North Korea, the Rohingya refugee crisis, and COVID-19 in the Pacific. Foresight work engages in both deep contextual analysis and broader sectoral issues, such as climate change and the future of the humanitarian work force.

System Transformation

Research in this pillar critically examines the humanitarian system and opportunities, as well as challenges, for more equitable and just humanitarian response. Topics in this pillar include localisation, diaspora, gender, and the role of education in transforming the system.


This pillar looks at health and other factors impacting well-being. It takes a broad view of what it means to be ‘well,’ looking holistically at topics across and between physical, mental, emotional, societal, and environmental spheres. Research in this pillar includes work on climate change, humanitarian health, nutrition, palliative care, and community development.