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Our vision

Diverse humanitarianism that embraces the agency of affected people and promotes distributed power, social justice and equity.

Our mission

To lead and influence change within the humanitarian system through critical analysis, transformational and disruptive education and research, and meaningful contributions to policy and practice.

Our values


The CHL brings together academic rigour and good practice by being honest, ethical, respectful, authentic, accountable and transparent. CHL carefully stewards financial and human resources. The CHL always works toward excellence. 


The CHL bravely challenges the status quo through encouraging diverse perspectives and innovative ways of thinking. The CHL undertakes a rigorous process of continuous reflection and change to improve our work and the humanitarian system. 


The CHL works within and across the humanitarian system through our deep networks. The CHL builds mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships to build creative approaches to problem-solving. The CHL works with a diverse range of stakeholders to promote change in the humanitarian system. The CHL will elevate and amplify the voices of diverse humanitarianism. 


The CHL actively listens to, reflects on, learns from and encourages a diverse range of voices from within and outside of the CHL. We acknowledge that we are on a path of learning and that we will learn from our mistakes.