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The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership is proud to launch the Women in Humanitarian Action Scholarship, with generous support from the IKEA Foundation.

As we pursue our mission of transforming humanitarian leadership, we recognise that removing barriers to the full and equal participation of women – as students, practitioners, and leaders – is crucial.

These scholarships will support women from eligible countries as they undertake the following accredited learning programmes:

“This scholarship is an exciting and critical initiative,” says Anthea Spinks, Chair of the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership Advisory Board and Program Director at Oxfam Australia.

Building, supporting and establishing women as leaders in the humanitarian system will be fundamental to ensuring the system is the best it can be at local, national and global levels.

“As in any other sector, we know that the entire endeavour benefits when you have more diversity in leadership, including more women in leadership,” Anthea says. “Many female leaders have already participated in the programs run by the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership and I am really excited to see how this initiative will open the doors to many more who might not otherwise be in a position participate.”

The Centre is proud to support women working in communities affected by crises as they build on their skills, knowledge and experiences, and hope that increased access to these courses will not only improve humanitarian practices, but also equip women to take on increasingly senior roles within local, national and international humanitarian organisations.

Scholarships are now available for woman who have completed, or are nearing completion, of their first two units of study in the courses listed above. Please contact us for more information about eligibility criteria on info@cfhl.org.au

We thank the IKEA Foundation for its ongoing support and commitment.

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