Nicole Muir is the Centre’s Communications Manager. Nicole has over fifteen years’ experience in communications, media, and publishing, and has a speciality interest in managing social media channels, generating digital and print content and managing organisation brand identity. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts from Deakin University and a Diploma in Professional Writing & Editing from RMIT TAFE.

Nicole has extensive editorial, publication production and copywriting experience, and has held management positions in trade publishing as well as editorial and writing positions in a variety of sectors including culture and lifestyle magazines, book publishing, travel websites, and corporate communications. She has an excellent grasp of grammar and spelling, cares deeply about typeface and graphic design, and loves the storytelling process in digital content creation.

Nicole is here to help the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership better tell its story – to promote our successes, opportunities and research with our partners, potential partners, students and the wider public.

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