The Deakin Humanitarian Leadership Scholarships have been established by Deakin University to support students undertaking the Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership.

The scholarships provide successful applicants with a contribution of between 50 to 100% of their course and university amenities fees for the course. Preference will be given to citizens from countries below 0.85 on the Human Development Index of the United Nations Development Program and applicants offered a Tier 1 place (see course fees). Scholarships will be awarded for AHL701 and AHL702 or AHL703 and AHL704 or for all four units.

Please note that this form is for re-joining and current students of the Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership only. If you are applying as a new student, you can submit your scholarship application here. If you are enrolled in a different program, you will need to use a different form to apply for this scholarship. You can find links to other application forms here.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an applicant enrolled in the A540 Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership
  • Committed to enrol in two units in consecutive study periods to achieve course completion
  • Provide an introductory statement about your goals for study and what it means to receive the scholarship
Special Conditions

Students must successfully complete each enrolled credit point to remain eligible for the scholarship – AHL701, AHL702, AHL703 and AHL704. Students must enrol in, and remain enrolled in, all four units to remain eligible for the scholarship. If a student defers their enrolment they will lose the ongoing scholarship but can re-apply for the scholarship again on re-commencement.