Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Health

Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Health

The Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Health (GCHH) provides an academic avenue to prepare health professionals for practice in the field of humanitarian health.

The environment in which health professionals in the humanitarian sector find themselves today is more complex and diverse than ever. Conflicts are increasingly multi-facetted and natural disasters are escalating in number and intensity, often occurring in regions already struggling with poor health services and socio-economic and political constraints. Currently, there is a gap in addressing the needs of children and adults impacted by humanitarian crises, especially in a time of growing need.

The GCHH will equip health professionals with the essential knowledge and skills to manage the public and clinical health needs/issues that emerge in complex humanitarian response contexts and other low resource environments. 

The GCHH is a result of the partnership between Deakin University and Save the Children with the support of GlaxoSmithKline. Graduates are awarded a Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Health from Deakin University. 

We would like to invite suitably qualified nurses, midwives and doctors to apply for the course.
More information about the GCHH can be found at or download the programme flyer here.